Love- A lost, loose term..

By Osama Shabaan

Love – a lost, loose term…

This must be a topic that is discussed among the youth almost everyday. It is a topic that should be addressed and not sidelined to be a taboo topic. For us youth living in the wild west, it constantly stares us in the face; when you pick up a magazine or newspaper, you switch on the TV or the radio, you step outside and the passing bus has a provocative advertisement. We cannot deny it or escape it, whether it affects us consciously or subconsciously it is has a disturbing effect on our way of life. While all these sexual overtones and innuendos keep flashing by us, as Muslims we must maintain our modesty, dignity and respect and ultimately adhere to our faith. These overtones and sexual references are designed to feed on our lustful desires, and in its twisted logic brings about the establishment that love equals fun, love equals the cute girl next door, love equals bliss, etc… But none of these are realistic, infact just pure fantasy – something to occupy and waste our precious time, more so a disaster waiting to happen.

Soon you find yourself doing something haraam, and its too late, the clock keeps ticking and there is no changing the past. A lot of us get caught up, watching those programs that proclaim to know it all on “love”. But do we really think Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have the perfect marriage? Love is a term that is used far too loosely, people get affected by a person and start proclaiming their ‘love’. Without even getting to know the person that well, it is a word that has been over-generalised to an extreme degree. I guess it reflects our society, those ‘flashes’ we constantly get from our surroundings become standard procedure and soon get implemented in our lives. Brothers and sisters we should not get caught up in ‘relationships’ i.e. boyfriend – girlfriend, for if we really knew the consequences we would be demonstrating on the streets of Hollywood – the capital of social corruption and immorality. Love is a sacred and selective emotion, it touches the heart and soul of life. It is above all the strongest emotion in nature, but must be reserved. Allah (SWT) says in The Holy Quran in Chapter 30, Verse 21:

And among his signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are signs for those who reflect

It doesn’t help and yes it is hard living in a society where primary school children are indulging in sexual activity. But our duty is to simply remain faithful and pure. If we allow ourselves get caught up in this western notion of ‘love’ we will surely be held accountable and can expect eternal damnation of the Hellfire. Nor is it wise to look at someone’s appearance and say “oh I am in love with them” this would clearly illustrate naivety, because the love that revolves around the appearance is merely infatuation and lust. Nor is it appropriate to say, “I want to fall in love and then get married” this brothers and sisters is western ideology at its satanic and twisted best.

True love can only come after marriage, and not before – not when everything has been tried and done. Marriage requires the two individuals to negotiate and to sacrifice for on another, and only when this has been put to the maximum test, then we can proclaim true, everlasting love. So before you run to grab the remote to watch the latest rom-com on netflix or go to the cinemas to watch the latest romance movie – stop – take a moment to think – step back from ‘reality’, is this going to benefit my hereafter or am I going to get trapped in the world of fantasy and pleasure. For it is known the more pleasure you take in this world, the less will be given in the next…


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