Ascend to the Heavens- A mystical dimension to the Salaat

by Abidali Mohamedali based on a lecture by Sheikh Mansour Leghaei


Allah-Hu-Akbar, I begin my prayer acknowledging that Allah (SWT) is not only Great but the GREATEST being, raising my hands to surrender myself entirely to him boarding the craft that would take me to the reaches of Heaven and beyond. In so doing, I leave behind my trappings and connections. I then begin the most awe-inspiring journey of my life climbing higher with my words. With my first few words of Surah-Al-Hamd, referring to Allah (SWT) as a third person saying “Praise be to Allah, the lord of the worlds” as I soar higher with every word, I finally reach the Presence of the Almighty referring to him as “you”; “YOU  alone we Worship and YOU alone we ask for help” after that acknowledging in the VERY presence of Allah (SWT) the guidance he Has given his humble servant; “Guide us on the right path, the path of those whom you have favoured and not the path of those who have earned your wrath

As the Journey continues, Allah (SWT) SPEAKS to me with my own tongue!! “SAY!!. HE Allah is ONE,” informing me to dispose off all my worldly idols and worship Him and Him alone without neither a partner nor a son. So humbled in his presence I bow down to His majesty and magnificence, but that is not enough, I go down and prostrate to Him with the most humbling posture I know.

Yet again i repeat this, almost as if it was a dream and in the second attempt, He (SWT) allows me to speak in my own tongue! I lift my palms and ask and beg of whatever i need when i am closest to Him (SWT)!

The journey again takes a miraculous twist, I find myself at the gates of heaven reiterating my beliefs and witnessing the contract of heaven that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger. I then proceed inside the gate greeting the prophets of Allah “Assalam-alika Ayyuhan Nabiyu Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh” all 124,000 of them send their blessing on me as they are obliged to reply my greeting. There upon I send my greetings to the ‘swaliheen’ in Jannah. I finally fall back to this world greeting those beside me yearning to be with my lord for yet another time to feel his presence and to be lifted out of this temporary abode once more.

Every Muslim if he/she chooses can ascend to the heavens 5 times a day, a journey that is taken ever more lightly by more and more Muslims. This is the spiritual journey of the PRAYER (Salaat), which according to the Holy Prophet (SAW) is considered the Me’raaj of a Muslim. What better blessing upon mankind could be imagined other than the very prayer we recite 5 times a day.


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